April 2016


Issue Theme: Integrative Healthcare

April 2016
Volume 12 | Issue 2
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: The Promise of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Amita Kaushal

02. Gardening: Patanga: Herbal water that’ll relieve more than just your thirst!  Indu Arunan

03. Healthfile: Integrative Medicine: An idea whose time has come, Dr Pralhad Patki

04. Awareness: Health Sector Reforms for 21st Century Healthcare,  Darshan Shankar

05. Concern: Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine: Riding a tiger, Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan

06. Children’s Corner: ‘Fire-On-The-Mountain’: The Overlooked Beauty 

07. Interview: Indians hedge their bets, Aarathi Prasad

08. Policy Matters: Integration of Health Knowledge Systems as desired policy goal,  Dr. Ritu Priya

09. Remedy Spot: Throw Away Your Glasses! Dr. Gunjan Saxena

10. Healthscope: Integrative Medicine: Many Paths to Healing Depression,  Dr. Vandana Srivastava

11. Care: Surviving a Stroke,  Dr. Prasan Shankar

12. Wisdom Page: Lessons from Animals,  Ananth M A

13. Viewpoint: Ayurveda in the Modern World, Dr. V Sujatha

14. Healthcare: Integrative Preventive Health Check, Dr. Prasanna Kulkarni

15. Plantscope: Natural Herpes Cure, Dr. Noorunnisa Begum S