April 2018


Issue Theme: Ear, Nose and Throat Care

April 2018
Volume 14 | Issue 2
No. of Pages: 54
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Table of Contents

01. Gardening: Pepper Vines for Ear, Nose and Throat, Nandini Dholepat

02. Folk Page: Age-Old Remedies for ENT Problems,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

03. Care: Tonsilitis – An Ayurvedic Perspective, Dr. Girish S Varrier

04. Cover Story: Sight into Special Senses,  Dr. Shreelatha S

05. Health: Is Your Cold Bothering You?, Dr. Poornima Devkumar

06. Therapy: Say Yes To Nasya, Dr. Rashmi Ramachandra

07. Products: Asana Vilvadi Oil for Eyes and ENT Disorders, Dr. S N Venugopal

08. Centrespread: Indian Bowstring Hemp for Ear, Nose and Throat 

09. Plant Profile: Soothe your sore throat with ‘Vasa’

10. Health Scope: Why does your ear hurt?, Dr. Rekha T A

11. Ayurveda: Ayurvedic Ear Oiling, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

12. Nutrition: Dietary Supplements for Common Ailments, Dr. R Sridharan, B Rajalakshmi and K Jayanthi

13. Updates: Bleeding Nose, Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

14. Healthfile: Head and Neck Cancers, Dr. Geetanjali Ranade

15. Wisdom: Can You Remember This?, Anantha M A

16. Home Page: Traditional Delights, Suma Tagadur Sureshchandra

17. Feature: Swimming in the Head: Vertigo, Rajashree G Mavinkurve

18. Awareness: Avoid these to avoid ENT Disorders…, Dr. Sandhya Ganesh K