August 2015


Issue Theme: Home Remedies

August 2015
Volume 11 | Issue 4
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: Home Cures can Fix Them All, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

02. Feature: Being Close to Nature,  Padmaja Jagadish

03. Home Page: Amruth Home Remedies, User’s Guide Book

04. Folk Page: Health Hair Herbal Way, Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

05. Naturescope: Kalpavriksha: India and its Love for Nature, Dr. Ayushi Mehrotra and Dr. Jaya Pandey

06. Traditional Knowledge: Copper Capers: Purified Water, Naturally, Dr. Padma Venkat

07. Children’s Page: Rupa and Manu and the Green Pharmacy for Toothache, Shikha Hajela

08. Nutrition: Eat Well Stay Well,  Sandhya Bharadwaj

09. Health: Life is Sweet… Even with Diabetes, Dr. Vandana Srivastava

10. Healthscope: Breathe Easy,  Tabassum IF

11. Women Care: For the New Mother  Dr. Gunjan Saxena

12. Gardening: Take Home, Remedies!  Dr. NM Ganesh Babu, et al.

13. Skin Care: Secrets of Natural Beauty Care,  Rajashree Mavinkurve

14. Amruth Vaidya: Drive Away Your Doubts, Dr. Sreelatha S