August 2017


Issue Theme: Pregnancy and Childbirth

August 2017
Volume 13 | Issue 4
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Traditions: Age Old Indigenous Knowledge for Pregnancy Care, Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

02. Unani Page: In Safe Hands,  Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir and Dr. Khadija Abdul Hafeez

03. Cover Story: For a Wonderful World, Dr. Shantala Priyadarshini

04. Gardening: Asthisamharaka: A Panacea for Bone Health,  Nandini Dholepat

05. Traditional Knowledge: Your Dream Child, Dr. Pranjalin Prakash Kavar

06. Lifestyle: Losing weight after Pregnancy: An Ayurvedic way, Dr. Savitha Suri

07. Children Page: Navya and Ramya learn about the importance of Brahmamuhurtham, Vinay Leo R.

08. Centrespread: Little Ganeshas in the Forest 

09. Care: Transition of a Woman to Mother, U C Soja

10. Healthfile: Anaemia in Pregnancy,  Dr. Sadanand Patil

11. Nutrition: “You are What Your Mom Eats”!!!!,  Rajashree G Mavinkurve

12. Yoga Page: Yoga in Ante-natal and Post-natal Care, Dr. Prateek M H

13. Primary Health Care: Synergy and Symbiosis: Why Dais Are Important, Dr. Mira Sadgopal

14. Health: Sweet Blessings, Dr. Aswini Mohan L