August 2018


Issue Theme: Workplace Health

August 2018
Volume 14 | Issue 4
No. of Pages: 56

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Table of Contents

01. Gardening: Black Cumin is the New In, Samantha S

02. Focus: Wellness at Work,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

03. Eyecare: Computer Vision Syndrome, Dr. Poornima Devkumar and Dr. Rekha TA

04. Herbscope: Herbal Options for Workplace and Lifestyle Related Health Issues,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

05. Ayurveda: Fighting Fatigue at Workplace: the Ayurvedic Way, Dr Sreeja S

06. Care: Anxiety at Workplace: Don’t Panic!, Dr. S N Venugopalan Nair, Dr. A Dinesh Kumar and Dr. Shilpa Naveen

07. Paristhithi: Nishanth Gurav

08. Children Page: Navya and Ramya Understand the Importance of Workplace Health, Vinay Leo R.

09. Plant Profile: Indian Ginseng: Asvagandha

10. Healthscope: Conquer a Circumstance – Fight or Flee? Rajashree G Mavinkurve

11. Healthfile: Backpain at Workplace – Fighting it the Ayurvedic Way, Dr. Rashmi Ramachandra

12. Occupational Health: Workplace Health and Ayush Industry, Dr. Iftheqar Mubeen and Dr. Bazigah H Mubeen

13. Updates: Wary of Varicose Veins, Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

14. Yoga Page: Yoga for Working Professionals, Dr. Aayyush Rajalinga