December 2014


Issue Theme: Health Traditions

December 2014
Volume 10 | Issue 6
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: The Ashtavaidya physicians of Kerala: A Tradition in Transition, Dr. Indudharan Menon and Dr. Annamma Spudich

02. Gardening: Saptaparna: The Scholar Tree,  Nagaraj HB

03. Traditional Knowledge: Here’s to your Health,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Srivastava

04. Nutrition: For the love of Ragi, Nitu Ahluwalia Arora

05. Biodiversity: A Fair Deal, Dr. Vinay Kumar and Dr. Amit Kotia

06. Feature: Science Behind Traditions,  Dr. Noorunnisa Begum S

07. Children’s Page: Rupa and Manu get the Taste of Golden Milk, Shikha Hajela

08. Skin Care: Forever Beautiful,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

09. Care: Getting Rid of Alcoholism,  Dr. H Carehome Pakyntein

10. Traditions: Trees Valued and Revered in our Traditions,  E Meenakshi Kunji Amma

11. Folk Traditions: Health Traditions of Kanis – ‘The People of the Forest’, Angana Roy Choudhury

12. Food Traditions: Indian Cooking Traditions, Rajashree G Mavinkurve

13. Orthocare: Bone Doctors: The ‘Fix-it’ All,  Dr. Vandana Srivastava

14. Updates: The Tribal Way, Dr. Umeshkumar Tiwari and Dr. B S Adhikari