December 2017


Issue Theme: Eye Care

August 2017
Volume 13 | Issue 6
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Gardening: Tree Turmeric for your Eyes, Nandini Dholepat

02. Focus: An Eye for an Eye,  Dr. Sukumara S

03. Folk Page: Indigenous Herbal Formulations for Eye Care, Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

04. Healthscope: Beware of Diabetic Retionopathy,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

05. Care: Take Care of your Eyes, Dr. Girish S Varrier

06. Healthfile: Safe Guard Eyes!!!, Rajashree G Mavinkurve and Mamatha G C

07. Updates: Glaucoma: The Vision Thief, Dr. Rekha T A

08. Centrespread: The Golden Green: Ponnanganni 

09. Traditions: Kajal, a Traditional Secret for Smart Eye, Dr. Girish Kumar V and Dr. M N B Nair

10. Therapy: Nourishing your Eyes at Home, Dr. S N Venugopal

11. Home Page: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally, Dr. Veena Gangadhar

12. Wisdom Page: Playing in Sanskrit, Anantha M A

13. Nutrition: Feed Your Eyes, Dr. Sandhya Ganesh K

14. Siddha Page: Useful Eye Remedies from Local Health Traditions, Dr. V Ganapathy