February 2013


Issue Theme: Rasashastra

February 2013
Volume 9 | Issue 1
No. of Pages: 56
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: Rasashastra, Dr. Asmita Wele

02. Gardening: Lemony Lemon Citrus limon,  R Rangarajan

03. Healthfile: Importance of Metallic Micronutrients in Ayurveda, Vaidya Balendu Prakash

04. Health: Potent Medicine: Rasaoushadhi, Dr. Suchetha C P

05. Healthscope: Metal Pharmacology, Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. Aparna S

06. Care: Glowing Dawn, Dr. Yashaswini G

07. Children’s Page: Rupa, Manu meet the Strange Succulents, Shikha Hajela

08. Home Page: Herbal Alternatives for Cough, Cold and Sore Throat in Children,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Srivastava

09. Awareness: Takra: Buttermilk, the Divine Healer, Dr. Sushant T Maksane

10. Feature: Medicinal Germs,  Dr. Panna G Kamat

11. Trends: Medicine in a Bottle,  Dr. Vandana Srivastava

12. Ayurveda: Chyawanprash: The Premier Rasayana,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

13. Healing: Minerals as Medicine – Tenets of the Past and Present Era,  Dr. Sathyanarayana Bhat

14. Lifestyle: Healthy Living with Ushahpana Rasayana, Dr. Sreedevi Kasavajjhala and Dr. J S R A Prasad

15. Review: The Gold: Costly medicine, Sure results, Dr. N Subramanhyam

16. Updates: Copper: A Workhorse Mineral, Dr. Pradnya D Dandekar

17. Amruth Vaidya: Drive Away Your Doubts, Dr. G G Gangadharan