February 2016


Issue Theme: Dinacharya

February 2016
Volume 12 | Issue 1
No. of Pages: 56
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: Heart of the Matter, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

02. Plant Talk: Forever Anantmool,  Janani Eswar

03. Health: Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

04. Ayurveda: Daily Diet Directory,  Dr. Anil U Talya

05. Care: Anoint Yourself, Dr. R Veena Gangadhar

06. Amruth Vaidya: Drive Away Your Doubts, Dr. Girish Kumar V

07. Therapy: Surgery and Seasons, Dr. Vikram Balu and Dr. Neelambika G B

08. Healthscope: Remain Fit to Rule the World,  Dr. Anshu Shrivastava and Dr. Deepak Acharya

09. Healthfile: From Dawn to Dusk, Dr. Poornima Devkumar, Suma T S and Soumyashree N

10. Yoga Page: Daily Yoga for Good Health,  Dr. Prateek M H

11. Spiritual Page: Combining the 3 Rs: Religion, Resolution and Ritucharya,  Pushpa H K

12. Wisdom Page: Customized Food for Pilots,  Ananth M A

13. Remedies: Daily Diet for Diabetes,  Dr. Swarnalatha Chandran

14. Lifescapes: Worried about Hypertension? Watch your Lifestyle Today!,  Tabassum Ishrath Fathima

15. Home Page: Beat the Heat with Sabja, Dr. Noorunnisa Begum S