June 2014


Issue Theme: Diabetes

June 2014
Volume 10 | Issue 3
No. of Pages: 56
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: Dealing with Diabetes, Dr. Prasanna Kulkarni

02. Gardening: A leaf a day for the sweet tooth: Costus pictus,  Nagaraj HB

03. Nutrition: Come Ayurvedic Way, Keep Diabetes Away, Dr. Ramesh Nanal

04. Health: Nerve Wrecking Diabetes, Dr. Yashaswini G

05. Plantscope: Madhunashini: The Sweet Killer, Dr. NM Ganesh Babu

06. Yoga Page: Defeat Diabetes with Yoga, Ashutosh Mishra

07. Children’s Page: Rupa, Manu and their favorite story of Monkey and the Jamun Tree, Shikha Hajela

08. Herbscope: Beware: Diabetes can be fatal,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Srivastava

09. Naturopathy: Diabetes and its Naturopathy management, Dr. Arasi S

10. Home Page: Sweet are the uses of Bitter Gourd,  Madhavilatha P

11. Women Care: Diabetes in Pregnancy: Mother’s Risk,  Dr. Richa Khare and Dr. Smriti Khare

12. Healthscope: Juvenile Diabetes,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

13. Ayurveda: Panchakarma for Diabetes,  Dr. Mohit Monga

14. Conservation: Sapatachakra or Pitika (Salacia L.): An Anti-diabetic drug, Dr. Udayan PS and Dr. Lincy Thomas Thalakkoture

15. Consumer Awareness: Sweet Simulators, Bitter Truths, B S Somashekhar

16. Amruth Vaidya: Drive Away Your Doubts, Dr. G G Gangadharan