June 2016


Issue Theme: Ayurvedic Herbs

June 2016
Volume 12 | Issue 3
No. of Pages: 56
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Table of Contents

01. Cover Story: Herbal Medicines: Adding New Vistas in Healthcare, Dr. Anshu Shrivastava and Dr. Deepak Acharya

02. Gardening: Agastya: Your Ticket to the Past,  Indu Arunan

03. Yoga and Lifestyle: Herbs for Yoga, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

04. Ayurveda: Healing with Ayurvedic Herbs,  Dr. Noorunnisa Begum S

05. Herbscope: All about Ayurvedic Herbs 

06. Children’s Corner: Fill Your Fruit Basket with these Forgotten Fruits, Dr. Deepak Acharya

07. Nutrition: Bahua: A Healthy Weed, Dr. Vandana Srivastava

08. Healthscope: The Triphala Talisman,  Dr. Gunjan Saxena

09. Care: Breathe Easy, Dr. Sangeetha Rao

10. Natural Health: Ayurvedic Herbs as Healters,  Dr. Sonica Krishnan

11. Health: Take Care of your Heart,  Sandhya Bharadwaj

12. Wisdom Page: Poisons (as explained in a Tantric text),  Ananth M A

13. Home Remedies