October 2015


Issue Theme: Arthritis and Joint Pain

October 2015
Volume 11 | Issue 5
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Focus: When the Knees and Hips Go, Dr. V R Vivekanand

02. Feature: Arthritis Pain Myths,  Padmaja Jagadish

03. Home Page: Food for Strong Bones, Dr. Noorunnisa Begum S

04. Folk Page: Take Care of Arthritis – Indigenous Ways, Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

05. Traditional Knowledge: Manage your Pains, Dr. Sathyanarayana Bhat

06. Clinical Practice: The Facets of Pain, Dr. K P Venkatesh

07. Children’s Page: Rupa and Manu bring relief to their Grandma’s Aches and Pains, Shikha Hajela

08. Nutrition: Eating Right for Arthritis,  Dr. Swarnalatha Chandran

09. Health: When Osteoarthritis Weighs You Down, Dr. Richa Khare and Dr. Smriti Khare

10. Healthscope: Say No to Cracking Bones,  Dr. Prashant R, Dr. Chetana J M and Dr. Mahadevan S

11. Care: Pain in the Back: Ankylosing Spondylitis,  Dr. Shilpa Naveen

12. Gardening: White Gulmohar Tree,  Nandini Dholepat, and Dr. NM Ganesh Babu, et al.

13. Therapy: Physiotherapy for Osteoarthritis,  Dr. Girish V

14. Book Review: On Good Ayurvedic Therapy Practices,  Dr. Girish Kumar V, Dr. Vrindha Balachandran and Dr. Suma

15. Healthfile: Weak Bones? Try Gelatin,  Dr. Jaya Pandey

16. Ayurveda: Osteoporosis is ‘Silent’ until it hurts,  Dr. Neelambika G B

17. Concepts: A Matter of Taste,  Dr. Vandana Srivastava

18. Amruth Vaidya: Drive Away Your Doubts, Dr. V R Vivekanand