October 2017


Issue Theme: Liver Care

August 2017
Volume 13 | Issue 5
No. of Pages: 52
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Table of Contents

01. Gardening: Kukti – A Powerful Liver Tonic, Nandini Dholepat

02. Folk Page: Liver Care Practices by Indigenous Tribesmen,  Dr. Deepak Acharya and Dr. Anshu Shrivastava

03. Care: Cleanse your Liver, Dr. Shilpa Naveen

04. Focus: For the Love of your Liver,  Dr. Sameer N Naik

05. Plantscope: Herbs for Liver Health, Dr. Girish Kumar V

06. Yoga Page: Yoga for a Healthy Liver, Dr. Prateek Hosur

07. Updates: Triumph over Jaundice, Dr. S N Venugopal

08. Centrespread: Marvelous Madras Leaf Flower 

09. Child Care: Is your child yellow?, Dr. Madhumita Krishnan

10. Ayurveda: Fatty Liver – Are you at Risk?  Dr. Shreelatha S and Dr. Hemashruthi K

11. Health: Alcohol and your Liver, Dr. Hemashruthi K and Dr. Shreelatha S

12. Wisdom Page: A True Secularist, Anantha M A

13. Healthscope: Fully Functioning Person, UC Soja

14. Healthfile: Your Liver and Cholestrol – Understanding the Connection

15. Health Corner: Do you have an Angry Liver?