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Heritage Amruth is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to an idea, a philosophy that believes that there is a design, purpose and use in every element of nature. It believes that there is science underlying most of our health traditions and that we should build upon our traditional wisdom.

The magazine combines the learned rigour of an academic journal with the accessible style and format of a general audience magazine, making a unique hybrid. Gleaning the user-friendly information from the traditional treasure house of health care practices, Heritage Amruth presents it in the form of articles/features to take care of one’s contemporary health care needs. Articles in it cover various topics of interest on healthy diet and lifestyle, medicinal plants, home remedies, advice on health care issues, profiles of traditional practitioners, steps for establishing herbal garden and many more. Every issue of Heritage Amruth is designed around specific health care theme thus serving as collector’s delight for reference and sustained use.

Heritage Amruth magazine is all about inspiring you to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. Let us be the trusted resource you turn to for ideas, information and advice as you balance the needs of your body and those of your soul.

The Medplan Conservatory Society (MCS) is the publications wing of FRLHT-TDU and it is a charitable society registered under Karnataka Society’s Registration Act, 1960.

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