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A concise dictionary enumerates complete Gymnosperm and Angiosperm taxa for the southern Indian state of Karnataka. This includes a total of 6827 plant taxt of which Gymnosperms contribute 56 taxa belonging to 10 families, 22 genera, 55 species and 1 variety while Angiosperms contribute 6771 taxa belong to 213 families, 1892 genera, 6279 species, 136 subspecies, 423 varieties and 7 formae. Among these, 1942 taxt are cultivated and 4791 taxa are wile/naturalized. All the taxa are arranged family-wise alphabetically with accepted name, basionym and synonym(s) if any (largely following APG classification) habit, flowering & fruiting season, distribution in Karnataka, endemism, threat status and medical system. Gymnosperms comprice 4 endemic taxa, 7 threatened taxa and 18 taxa used in various medical systems while Angiosperms comprise 1491 endemic taxa, 567 threatened taxa and 2247 taxa used in various medical systems. Kannada names are given for 1305 taxa of Angiosperms and 2 taxa of Gymnosperms. Photographs are given for selective plants that are endemic to karnataka. Western Ghats, peninsular India and India.

Seed plants of Karnataka by Dr.Ravikumar

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